SAFELY AttendING By Grace 2022

This time in our world requires our planning team to get more innovative in producing a restoration experience that is safe, beautiful, fun, and impactful. Our planning committee will continue to adhere to the CDC's travel recommendations to guide our COVID contingency plan that will not disrupt the experience By Grace promises.

If at anytime the execution of By Grace poses harm to attendees, registrants will receive a 100% refund and the option to be the first registrants for By Grace 2022.

COVID-19 Policy

These policies have been explicitly introduced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
We are continuing to monitor and respond to the ongoing circumstances surrounding Covid-19 and local government regulations. Therefore, we may update our policy accordingly in the future.

Our Team:

Our Suites:

Our Destination:

Arrival at the airport:

At the Events:

What You Can Do to Help:

Cancellation Policy
If you choose to cancel your booking, you should inform us immediately at While we understand that circumstances change, any payment received from you triggers our obligations with the companies that produce By Grace; thus, any cancellation by you will incur a cancellation charge plus a 5% administration fee. The minimum amount will depend on the time of cancellation and your destination and are as follows (the charges represent a percentage of your total booking cost): 

*Please Note*: if you are on a payment plan, we shall retain all sums paid up until cancellation