We handle Everything
While you Restore

may 11-17, 2022
What's Included

Once you arrive at Anguilla-Clayton J. Lloyd Airport (AXA), a sea-shuttle private car will transport you to your villa (flight not included). An all day cuisine, music, excursions, amenities, fitness program, yoga, spa amenities, private beach, water sports, pool and jacuzzi access are all included with your By Grace registration. Attendees are expected to organize and book their own flights to and from the By Grace location.

world-class villa for
7 days and 6 nights.
Roundtrip luxury Car service from the airport and all excursions during your stay.
Daily indulgent festivities, cocktails, music, and excursions designed for you.
5-Star professional chef services: daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks.

anguilla Is Where you Restore & Revitalize

With beaches consistently rated the best in the world, Anguilla will be the backdrop to our retreat experience. Participants will enjoy snorkeling, kiteboarding, paddle boarding, parasailing, windsurfing, fishing, boat cruises and more right from the beach of the private villa.

Custom Experiences

Dedicated Excursions
you tell us what happens
Taste OF the island
fresh island cuisine
Welcome bags
custom artisan welcome bags
DrinkS OF the island
drinks with your free spirit
Unforgetable Events
parties that leave you full

Private Island Villa

Private beach property with luxury amenities at every turn.
Unlock your higher self during our desired attendance events
try our whole self on in a safe and private environment.

7 Pillars creating 7 Days

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

All The Fun
All the restoration

Attending By Grace comes complete with open concept living areas, huge bedrooms, stand-in glass showers, huge outdoor pools, breathtaking views, sleepable-poolside chairs and so much more.

Arrive As Strangers
leave as family

Get the unique experience of not just living in seclusion, but living with a brand new set of awesome individuals. You’ll have opportunities to make new friends, network, and create lifelong memories. For seven days, you get the unique experience of not being in a touristy hotel with rules, curfews and nighttime swim restrictions. We do not stop the fun, regardless of the time.

Yes, This is the trip you've been looking for

So, you’ve had your eye on the vacation, spa & fitness retreat, getaway of a lifetime for some time now, you’ve followed our previous By Grace retreats that have spanned all corners of the world (Barcelona, Los Angeles, Cayman Islands), you’ve witnessed travelers grace our Instagram and other social media platforms, you’ve pinned your life away on Pinterest planning the trip you work hard for and deserve, the desire to immerse yourself in a the ultimate restoration and turn up has you up in arms with excitement, but there’s a hesitation. By Grace is where you can be assured you'll enjoy yourself. Investing in the By Grace experience is investing in the opportunity to be at your fullest, most rested, most joyous self. Your hesitations are our motivations, and our passion for going above and beyond guarantees you the invaluable experience you deserve to be a part of.

Fequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend By Grace?

This is an interesting time in our world and like many finding a safe place to restore, retreat and feel free and full is a tall order. We build By Grace to be the safe space for restoring peace and joy to every individual. We built By Grace because the leader and pioneers of this world deserve to be at their best while being their best.

You're invited to By Grace because you deserve to be freedom you deserve to know who you are when you have everything you're striving for. You deserve to be given some grace.

We want to see you at By Grace because we've mastered the art of luxury group travel, we created an one of a kind experience that opens self reflection and personal healing, we designed a vacation that doesn't leave party, excitement, adventure and indulgence rock unturned.

You get to attend By Grace because the universe needs more from you we've built a special place for you to enhance you capacity for your purpose.

Who will I meet at By Grace?

Luminaries, leaders, founders, change-makers, creatives, experts, and purpose-driven individuals.

What will I learn at By Grace?

You'll learn how you work the best, at what time of the day you feel most active, what your absolute favorite cocktail is and or the food that makes you feel like a winner. At By Grace the discovery is in the experience.

Will I be bored at By Grace?

In the past 3 years we've never received a report of an attendee being bored, tired, hungry or ready to go home. We plan to keep it that way.

What will I do at By Grace?

What ever your heart is asking you to do when you choose to listen.

Where are we staying?

The most gorgeous and secluded villas in the world. Only By Grace 2022 Registration will be made aware of the private locations.

What are your COVID-19 Precautions

To adhere to the current pandemic and maintain our record of 100% safety during By Grace we have provided some standard restrictions to our guest
(1) Unlimited and Roommate Suites require all registrants rooming together to have an existing personal relationships
(2) All participants are required to have a cleared COVID-19 test within 2 weeks of boarding their flight to Anguilla
(3) All participants will be tested and invited to change and shower when first arriving to the By Grace Home
(4) All participants will receive a COVID-19 text upon departing the home and will receive test directly

Can I join the By Grace retreat for only a few days?

We only accommodate our experience for 7 days and 6 nights. Even if you wish to cut your experience short you would have to pay for the full experience.

What will the itinerary be?

The exact schedule is set a few weeks before By Grace starts. As soon as the itinerary is set, attendees will be able to view it on your profile.
In the meantime, you'll build your registration profile to encourage the planning of your By Grace experience.

How do you choose your locations?

We choose our By Grace location based on maximum exclusivity, beautiful oceans and safest lands. These principles allows us to hand create an unforgettable escape, coupled with beautiful villas that will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Do I have to follow the By Grace Retreat Schedule?

It is up to you and only you! What you want to do and how you want to experience By Grace begins with your choice.

How can I pay for my trip?

We offer two different options to pay for your By Grace Registration:
(1) Full payment upon booking or
(2) Payments in installments running up to 4 weeks prior to trip departure.

How are payments processed?

After your application is approved, we use Stripe to process your registration payment.

How do payments installments work?

If you choose to pay by installment plan, you will be required to pay a deposit to secure your registration. Once we have received your deposit, we will email you to confirm your payment plan, its duration and the date when each installment will be debited from the account you’ve provided.

What does my payment include?

Every registration includes: First-class flight from your home airport to Anguilla, world-class villa suite for 7 days, entry to all By Grace desired attendance activities & events (1 per day), food/open bar prepared by a private live in chef, and transportation to and from surprise excursions.

When will I receive my By Grace Mobile App access?

The By Grace mobile app provides ANY and ALL details surrounding your trip. It will be visible on your booking profile and the itinerary will be added a few weeks prior to departure.

Are my flights included in the payment?

No, your flights are not included in the cost of registration and attendance. You are required to book your flights separately.

Can I be refunded my money if I decide not to go after registering?

There is no refund after registration, however you can apply your registration to a future By Grace Year with immediate approval into that year.

What age group is open for the trips?

By Grace is an equal opportunity retreat, are past retreat attendees ages range between 25-43.

What is the gender ratio?

We aim to have a 50/50 gender ratio in all villas.