by grace desired attendace

A Retreat for Professionals & Inspired Individuals.

By Grace is an international retreat, and we strive to offer activities that guide you and bring you closer to a more focused and clear-minded you. Our Desired Attendance is a daily session where we dive into meditations, self-discovery, self-auditing, and mindset development. Return home feeling restored and inspired for greater success.

A woman using a metal bowl for sound therapyNotebooks laying on a glass table in a common areaA woman laying on a couch with a bookA lit candle with a woman meditating in the background

7 Days of Restoration.

Desired Attendance is a daily session of self reflection, meditation, healing, and the exploration of freedom. Joining these sessions is not mandatory, but we encourage participation because it adds so much to your entire experience. Our retreats are far more than lectures followed by an afternoon by the pool, we focus on exploring mental and emotion freedom that allows you to discover your habits, processes, fears, highest aspirations, and how to use grace as a stepping stone to building a better you.

We often as the question, "who are you when you have everything you need?", and having the ability to find those answers can help you come to more clear conclusions about you who truly are and who you want to be, as well as help you create a better connection with yourself that can bring you to new heights.
Join us on a journey that will leave you feeling reunited with yourself and more inspired than ever.

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