by grace cuisine

Healthy, flavor-filled meals––All day, every day.

A large part of how you feel has to do with what you put into your body, which is why we put so much effort into not only having a talented chef making all of your meals but also creating daily dishes that align perfectly with your palette and diet. All food can be soul food and that's how it should be, so we pull out all the stops to ensure that every meal you have with us is a meal that not only feeds your body but also nourishes your soul. Reconnect with your body, reconnect with your soul, and bon appetit!

A plate of a banana-based food placed near an outdoor pool overlooking the ocean.

Meet the Chef

Cecil is one of our co-founders and is the beloved private chef for By Grace. He's a trusted and skilled international chef that views food as a love language and uses his skills and passion for food to unite people all over the world. When you join By Grace, you get the chance to experience top-quality meals with ingredients and flavors that are not only chosen for your specific tastes but also expand the boundaries of taste that you never knew existed. Sit down for the food, stay for his smile and friendliness.

Cecil Griffin